Tuesday, February 7, 2012

motherfucking get it girl

This past friday I had the pleasure of watching Drake's new video for his song "Practice" now mind you I was at work when I saw this video

Didn't have my headphones on me so there wasn't a way to hear the audio. But even without audio I felt that on a whole, the video lacked a lot. It was too simple, it didn't flow in any way, and it seemed like it had ANY real production value other than a camera set on down someplace, old girls mug all out of focus in the camera's lens and boom it's straight to tape!

Botleboxxer is right about her not being able to dance, can you say Video Vixen, but SERIOUSLY?? DRAKE IS A GREAT ARTIST?? 2012 might be the world comes to an end cuz if old boy from Degrassi can get signed by Cash Money and all of a sudden he's not the biracial bully from the Canadian kids soap opera, he's a fucking star! Please stop yanking my chain, he will forever be Jimmy to me, aka that nigga in the wheelchair.

Other than those general qualms with the actual production of the video, I must say this young woman, Kyra Chaos, and HER LARGE ASS seemed to captivate me. I couldn't live a lie and call her a lady because a true lady wouldn't make her ass her moneymaker and would probably be making better decisions in the business world other than, "Is my ass ashy? Does my thong match my earrings? Do I need to invest some stock in cocoa butter and coconut oil?" All of that aside, it makes me wonder are massive asses that size still considered sexy? Wouldn't you feel a bit empty inside if all you're known for is your inflated ass? Something about her ass doesn't seem real, how does she get such a thin waist with such a large rump? Does she get stopped on the streets and asked to have a picture of her huge donk? Why is this suitable for a music video for someone like Drake?

But after coming home and getting a chance to actually rewatch the video with both audio and video, I nearly blew my lid. Drake, aka Aubry straight out LIFTED the whole fucking chorus to Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" among other things. SRSLY BRO? Dont get me wrong, there is a slight variation of the song and a few seriously weak and utterly stupid verses but COME THE FUCK ON, where's the lyricism? Can you not give us something original?

I loved this video, I would go apeshit when it came on MTV back in 2000! Being a Cali girl it was like a dream, a glimpse into a world I would never be able to see in Los Angeles. Naive 13 year old Danielle  had no exposure to what true grime was and what it meant to be from the hood, the dirty south, or anything rural but as I watched this video the people in it reminded me of caged animals clamoring inside of their confined prisons, grappling with one another to grab on the bars to get a glimpse of the outside world and freaking the fuck out at the sight. But I seriously feel disrespected with what Drake did to such a fun loving song. He has a problem taking and disrespecting things that dont belong to him ei. Serena Williams. Come on Drizzy you think you're gonna be able to take Common's thick ass girl, trash him in songs and get away with it?

Drake watching his back after "Marvin's Room" hit the air waves

All in all I can't really hate on Drake too much. He's a popular "musician" making music that the masses enjoy, I can harp on the fact that the music and entertainment industries have changed considerable since I was a fan of music videos.

I just wish we could go back to the simpler days, when music and music videos were king and all I could do is sit infront of the tv with my eyes peeled open, scribbling down the available information for the videos I liked and indulging in the decadence that was 2000's MTV. #RIPMusicTelevision


  1. I love you for this my CaliLover!! <333 The truth is spoken!!

  2. THEE FUCK is she doing with her ass....I don't really think I can dance but damn I'm sure I can move my baby ass better than her's, sad..